Android Circular Progress Bar With Percentage Programmatically

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When developing Android apps, you may need to show android circular progress bar to indicate some process.

Today we are going to develop a android circular progress bar with the percentage of completed process shown at the center of the circle.

Take a look at the output first, and then we will show how to develop the android circular progress bar.

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How to get maximum benefit from android circular progress bar tutorial

Download Source Code for android circular progress bar

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Kotlin Version

Android Circular Progress Bar example is also available in the Kotlin version.

Visit it : Android Circular Progress Bar In Kotlin

Creating Android circular progress bar

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Step 1. Create a new project in the Android Studio.

Step 2. Creating drawable resource file

Create one drawable resource file named circular.xml (drawable resource file means in android studio project’s file structure, you will find a folder named drawable inside a res folder as shown in below image.)


Put files in Drawable directory

Step 3. Coding circular.xml

Copy and paste following code into circular.xml

Step 4. Updating activity_main.xml

Copy and paste following in activity_main.xml

In above code, we have used a white circular image which you can download here. Put this image in the drawable folder.

Step 5. Describing Handler

We will use Handler and Thread to accomplish our goal.

Above code will create a process for the specific amount of time, which can be decided by you.

Step 6. Updating class

Final code for

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That’s all for android circular progress bar. Thank you for visiting and keep sharing resources of demonuts to other learners.

Cheers and happy coding!

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