Listview With Searchview Android Studio Example

Hello developers, In today’s tutorial, we will learn about listview with searchview android studio example.

In the scenarios where there are many items showed with listview, we need to put search filter functionality.

It let the user find his desired information quickly and easily.

First, check the output of this tutorial and then go ahead for implementing yourself.

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If you have not basic idea about listview and adapter, check out listview with image and text tutorial first.

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We will use android’s inbuilt searchview here If you want to use EditText to type a search query, check out listview search filter android example.

How to get maximum benefit from Listview With Searchview android example

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Creating Listview With Searchview Android Example

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Step 1: Create a new project in the android studio.

Step 2: Creating row layout file for listview

Create one layout resource file and name it as listview_item.xml and copy below code

Step 3: Creating class (It is Model class)

Create a new class named and add following

Step 4: Creating class:

Create new java class named ListViewAdapter and add following code

Description for filter() method

In filter(String charText) method, text present in edittext of searchview which is query is passed as a parameter.

If length charText is 0, means user have not entered query and following will be run:

If a query is entered, the following will be run:

and after that, changes in the adapter are notified by

Step 5: Updating activity_main.xml file


Step 6: Updating class

Put below code in

Now focus on this method:

when a user types the query, this method will be executed.

For example, if he types “a,” then this method will run, simultaneously for all other words.

Now filter(String charText) method will be executed as described earlier.

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So it was all about implementing searchview listview android example in android app programmatically. Thank you and keep coding ?

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