Android Listview Kotlin With Image And Text Tutorial With Example

Android listview kotlin tutorial will guide you to make a listview with custom adapter in android studio.

We will use model class to maintain the data of listview.

Model concept can decrease the complexity when app grows big.

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Watch below output video first, then we will develop the tutorial.

Step 1. Make a new project

Create a new project in android studio with kotlin support and empty activity.

Step 2. Download Required Images

Click to download images : download this images

Now put these images in the drawable folder.

You can learn how to add items to the drawable folder here in step 2. (No need to create xml file in drawable, just copy and paste images in drawable).

Step 3. Update activity_main.xml

Update your existing activit_main.xml file with below source code

Step 4. Making Custom Adapter

Create a new kotlin class named CustomAdapter.kt

Add following code into it

While developing listview, we need to create adapter class in which we can define code for each cell of listview.

We need to create one layout resource file(lv_item.xml here in our example, you can name it as you like) in the resource folder.

This file will contain components like TextView,ImageView, etc. as per requirement.

This file represents a single cell of the listview. In our example it contains one ImageView and one TextView.

In getView() method, lv_item.xml is inflated, and all the components of lv_item can be set here for each cell of listview as per requirement.

Step 5. Making lv_item.xml

Code for lv_item.xml is like:

Step 6. Making Model class

Create a class named ImageModel.kt

Code this class is as below

Step 7. Update MainActivity.kt class

Update MainActivity.kt class with following source code

Java Version

Java version of this tutorial : Android Listview Example

So that was the today’s story in kotlin language.

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Download Code for Android Listview Kotlin

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