Custom Tablayout Android Studio With Custom View And Icon

Custom Tablayout Android Studio example creates custom tablayout with custom view.

We will create a custom view for tablayout in this example.

If you don’t have go through basic tablayout tutorial, then visit android tablayout tutorial. 

If you want to change toolbar menu items with every tab or fragment, the visit android tblayout toolbar menu items.

You can use both icon and tab name in custom tablayout.

There are Four ways to set icons with respect to text(tab name)

  1. Left side of text,
  2. Right side of text,
  3. Above text and
  4. Below text.

First, check the output of a tutorial, then we will develop it.

Download Source Code for Custom Tablayout Android example

[sociallocker] Download CustomTabsDemoNuts [/sociallocker]

Step 1: Making Base Project

Follow all the steps from basic tablayout Android tutorial.

After you have completed above tutorial, you will have one android project with tablayout.

Make sure you followed all the steps of above tutorial. It is must for going further with this example.

Now follow below steps.

Step 2: Adding custom_tab.xml file

Create a new resource directory named custom_tab.xml and add below code

This custom_tab.xml file is the core of this tutorial.

You can customize all of your tabs here with various icons, tab names and colors of tab names.

Step 3: Updating

Update as per below code

Now consider below lines

headerView is the object of View class and is inflated with layout resource file named custom_tab.xml

In above lines, linearlayoutOne, linearlayout2 and linearlayout3 are inflated with headerView.

We will set custom view for each tab with the help of below source code lies.

Kotlin Version

Kotlin Version of this tutorial : Android Custom Tablayout Kotlin

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You can also use comment section if you have any queries in making above tutorial. Thank you.

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