Kotlin Recyclerview Tutorial With Example CardView Item Click Image Text

Kotlin RecyclerView Tutorial With Example will be covered here.

RecyclerView is developed with kotlin for your next awesome android app.

This tutorial will guide you how to make a RecyclerView With CardView, Image and Text in Android Kotlin.

You will also learn to implement onClick, onItemClickListener, onItemTouchListener of RecyclerView.

We will use material design to implement RecyclerView and CardView.

RecyclerView and Kotlin both are updated items for android app development. Kotlin is updated from Java and RecyclerView is updated from Listview.

So this tutorial can be handy helpful for you to update with latest trends in android app development.

First, check the output of RecyclerView Android tutorial then follow all the steps.

Step 1. Updating build.gradle(Module:app)

Very first thing is to add two lines in build.gradle(Module:app) file as per below code

Full source code can be look like

Step 2. Downloading Images

We need some images to demonstrate in RecyclerView.

Click here to download images and add them into the drawable folder.

You should learn here how to add images in drawable folder in the step 2 of circular progressbar example android. (No need to create xml file in drawable, just copy and paste images in drawable).

Step 3: Coding cardview.xml

Create a new file into drawable folder

Give it a name cardview.xml

Copy below source code into it.

This file makes designs how the cardview should look.

You change colors, corner size etc. things in this file.

Step 4. Making Row Item File

Prepare a new layout xml file and give it a name rv_item.xml

This file is the core structure of how single row of recyclerview will be look a like.

It contains ImageView and TextView.

Step 5. Making Model Class

Make a new kotlin class named “Model.kt

Add below source code into it

Step 6. Custom Adapter

Now we will make a custom adapter. For this, create a new class named Adapter.kt

Write below source code in Adapter class.

Step 7. Updating Main Activity

We need to change both activity_main.xml and MainActivity.kt files

Replace source code of activity_main.xml with below one

Now replace code of MainActivity.kt class

Explaining MainActivity.kt

The below code is required to get click position of RecyclerView.

To get click position, we need create one interface and one class.

Interface is created with following code

The required class is made with below source code

So it was all about making RecyclerView With CardView, Material Design ,Image And Text in Kotlin for android app.

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Cheers and happy coding!

Download Source Code for Android Kotlin RecyclerView example

Hit following link to download source code

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