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Android Firebase Push Notification To Multiple Devices From Server(PHP-MySQL)

Hi Android geeks. Android firebase push notification tutorial for multiple devices is here. In this Android firebase push notification tutorial, we will send push notification to single or multiple devices from server(PHP-MySQL.) This Android firebase push notification is

Firebase Push Notification From Server Android Studio Example

Welcome dear developers to firebase push notification android studio example. Earlier we were using google cloud messaging(GCM) for push notifications in android. Firebase is the upgraded version of GCM. Firebase push notification Android tutorial guide you to send

Android Login And Registration Example With PHP MySQL Session Management

Hello, geeks. Welcome to Android login and Registration example. I have found many tutorials covering Android login and Registration, but there are few issues. Some tutorial covers only registration part. Some may cover only login part. If there

JSON Parsing Android Studio From URL Example With Step By Step

Hello, developers. Welcome to JSON Parsing Android Studio Example. In JSON Parsing Android Studio simple example you will learn how to parse simple JSON data from URL step by step. We will programmatically parse JSON with JSONObject and JSONArray