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Kotlin Android Tutorial Shorten findViewById setOnClickListener Basic Kotlin Syntax

Welcome to Kotlin Android tutorial. Recently, Google announce official support to Kotlin as programming language for Android application development. This Kotlin Android tutorial will guide you some basic and important syntax of Kotlin. Kotlin has some unique features

SQLite With Multiple Tables In Android Studio Example

Hello, geeks. Welcome to SQLite with multiple tables in Android Studio example. SQLite with multiple tables in Android example guides you to create multiple tables with simple source code. We will implement crud operations like insert, update,

Crud Operations In SQLite in Android Studio Example

Hello, learners. Welcome to Crud Operations In SQLite in Android Studio example. In Crud Operations In SQLite in Android tutorial, you will learn to insert, update/edit and delete records of SQLite database. If you have not basic idea about SQLite,

SQLite In Android Studio Simple Example Step By Step

Hello, developers. Welcome to SQLite In Android Studio Example. This SQLite In Android tutorial will cover the simple operation of SQLite databases like insert and display data. SQLite In Android tutorial is mainly targeted towards beginners with source code

Android Login And Registration Example With PHP MySQL Session Management

Hello, geeks. Welcome to Android login and Registration example. I have found many tutorials covering Android login and Registration, but there are few issues. Some tutorial covers only registration part. Some may cover only login part. If there

Listview With Button Android Studio Example

Hello, In this listview with button android tutorial, you will learn how to use a button in listview item and how to handle it clicks listeners. First of all check out the output of this example, so

Scan Barcode And QRcode Programmatically In Android Studio

In scan barcode and QRcode programmatically in android tutorial, we will implement scan functionality in our android app programmatically. In the end, our Android app will be able to scan both Barcode as well QRcode. Check out what