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Navigation Drawer In Android Kotlin With Fragments And Material Design Example

Today’s tutorial is Navigation Drawer Android Kotlin With Fragments And Material Design Example. Navigation Drawer Android Kotlin example guides you to create a sliding navigation menu with recyclerview. Navigation Drawer Android Kotlin tutorial uses fragments for navigation purpose.

Custom Tablayout Android Kotlin With Custom View And Icon

Custom Tablayout Android Kotlin example creates custom tablayout with custom view. We will create a custom view for tablayout in this example. If you don’t have go through basic tablayout tutorial, then visit android tablayout tutorial.  If

Tablayout Android Kotlin With Different Actionbar/Toolbar MenuItems For Different Fragments

This is a tablayout android kotlin example. Tablayout android kotlin tutorial will guide you to make different actionbar/toolbar menuitems for different colors. In whatsapp, when you slide fragments menu items are also changing. We will develop this

Android Tablayout Kotlin With Fragments,ViewPager,Material Design

Whatsapp is using Android Tablayout Kotlin for basic navigation. In today’s Android Tablayout Kotlin example, we will develop that kind of structure programmatically. Android Tablayout Kotlin uses fragments, material design and view pager as basic components. First,

Check Multiple Android Kotlin Runtime Permissions Programmatically

Hi, Guys. Welcome to Android Kotlin Runtime Permissions example. In this tutorial, We will learn how to programmatically request multiple Android Kotlin Runtime Permissions. From android’s Marshmallow version, the developer needs to programmatically check and request multiple Android Kotlin Runtime

Get Contact List In Android Kotlin And Show in Custom ListView Programmatically

Welcome to get contact list in Android Kotlin tutorial. Get contact list in Android Kotlin example guides you to get a contact list and show in the custom listview. Get contact list in Android Kotlin example will show how

Facebook Integration Android Studio With Logout Step By Step

In this Facebook integration android studio example, learn Facebook login integration android integration step by step.  In many applications, we need to have Facebook integration android studio so that user can login or sign in to the app without